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I was checking out Charlie Campbell's latest mock that came out this morning, and i really disliked what he had for us... Not all the picks, but he just had a ton of guys who were hit or miss, which is fine, if u have 1or2, but he had about 4of the 5picks, as hit or miss types.. I think we'll take a couple high upside guys who drop, but not that many...

His draft had us going

1. Jerel Worthy DT Michigan St- Funny, because i've been saying that i could really see us grabbing Worthy if hes on the board still at 32, as hes got the upside, measuables, and decent on field production, and plays a positon of great importance to the GIANTS success..

2. Zerbie Sanders OT Fla St- Big bust here, i think.. Just not impressed with what i see from this guy..

3. Bernard Pierce RB Temple- Fine with this pick... Been a pierce fan since 2010..

4. Vontaze Burfict LB Arz St- Puked in my mouth!

5. Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma- No problem here, but 2many hit or miss guys to go with another , in my opinion..

So Anyways, i tweaked it, and think i made a nice mock for us, that i'm proud of..lol

1. Jerel Worthy DT Mich St

2. Bobby Wagner LB Utah St- Goff is unknown at this point, if he'll even be back, and i love the thumper from Utah St, whos everywhere on the field, and very consistent...

3. Bernard Pierce RB Temple

4. Ladarious Green TE La Tech- More of a pass catcher, could team with bennett to be a formidable duo, if ballard and beckum have trouble getting back from injury..

5. Tom Compton OT S.Dakota St- I really like this small school stud, who has made some noise since the offseason began... Great Measurables, and dominated small school comp..

[/quote] If i were to finish the mock of, which i all ready should of done, i'd of gone with

5.(Comp for cofield) Danny Coale WR Va Tech- I think he fits our team like a glove...

6. Sean Cattouse SS California- Another sleeper of mine, i think has the run stuffing potential, and is somewhat of a intimidator out there, and could possibly fit that deon grant role for us..

7. Garth Gerhart C Arz St- Most underrated C in this class.. I think hes better then David Molk to be honest, and woulden't be surprised if he ended up a starter down the line..