[quote user="Kase-1"][quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="Raptor22"]Watching some more Gilmore, and while I liked him before, I never really WATCHED him (I spent more time watching SC's line, because when they were on, it was like watching the G-Men when their line's going. A thing of beauty...).

If the top DE's aren't around, and Gilmore is, I would wholeheartedly support that pick. He really reminds me of TT24 (although, I've seen comparisons to pre-injury Ross). He plays FAST, hits hard in the run game, and makes plays in the passing game, as well as on ST's.

...and we need more guys with great hair (which is one reason why I want them to nab Marcel Jones)

To me, Gilmore has Giants written all over him. My only concern is how he did in interviews. But, if that went ov er well, I could see us jumping on him.
[/quote]You really think so??

The way he shies away from contact at the line leads me to believe the opposite about him. Our CBs are big, physical, bastids that can rough you up at the line no problem. It looks like Gilmore has never laid hands on someone within 10yds ofthe LOS

That's SC's defensive scheme. They play a LOT of press/bail or off man coverage, which really clashes with his skill set. He's pretty ferocious in run support, and is a good blitzer as well (I think I've even seen him line up at LB).

In the two vids Redeye has of him, I believe he got 1 punt block returned for a TD, a couple TFL's, a sack or two and at least 1 pick. There are low-lights as well, but most of the catches on him are when they have both CB's lining up 10yrds off. But then, the play usually stops when he arrives.