[quote user="Raptor22"]We've talked about sleepers, and risers... but what about the guys going in the other direction?

What diamonds do you think will/could fall into JR's hands?

Personally, I've been thinking that Micheal Brockers will be the DT to fall. The kid is raw as hell, and he played too heavy, but he fits JR's mold to a T. If he could get down to a semi-lean 305, he could be a terror.

Also, I'm looking at Kuechly as a possible faller. I love the kid, but given how the LB market has moved, or rather, hasn't, I don't see much interest in LB's this year in the NFL. Also, I'm wondering how much of his combine numbers are the product of post-season workouts. His combine numbers were as good if not better than Patrick Willis', and while Kuechly is a great prospect, I don't see "best LB in the league" when I watch him play. And given how prone GM's are to talking themselves out of picks, if I'M thinking that, they probably are too.

Thats what scares me a little about Kuechly as well. He's a very good athlete, no doubt. He can stick his foot in the ground, create a burst, and close on ball carriers. However, I just don't see that elite lower body explosion in games that you saw in the combine. He gets engulfed by blockers his fair share of times. His short shuttle was phenomenal and better than most receivers at the combine but you don't see that elite change of direction ability in games either

I think maybe the post season workouts may have made him even better. It's a new facet and dynamic of Kuechly game's that he's worked on and we haven't seen in college. Or, well, that's at least my theory. Because unless he took some human growth hormones or something, you don't put up those numbers unless you're a heck of an athlete.