[quote user="nevada11"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]He seems to be really high on Brockers. I dont think his tape is all that impressive.His athleticism is overrated. Brockers does a great job at holding the point of attack , but #5 overall for an elite run stuffer that gets taken off the field on passing downs?
I do see the potential in Brockers and he hasnt had that weight on him for that long. He was a 250lb SOLB when he came to LSU. He isnt much of a threat on the QB.[/quote]

What in the world redeye, brockers athleticism is overrated????? Everyone says he is a great athlete that has amazing upside

Look at this article:

He has amazing upside because his wingpsan is 83 7/8 inches. That is LONGER than JPP's wingspan which is 81 inches. He has 35 inch arms! He is the defensive tackle version of JPP and has upside just like JPP. He is a freak of nature and has huge upside[/quote]
I dont know what him being long has to do with him being athletic. He isnt quick or explosive at all.He offers nothing as a pass rusher as he didnt play on passing downs. He hasnt been at that weight for long so maybe he could learn to carry it better but I dont think he will ever develop into a great pass rusher or gap shooter.He looks like a 2 gap player in the NFL.
An Athletic DT to me is Fletcher Cox. Great burst, length ,elite level quickness. He will be disruptive in the backfield hence more value to me