[quote user="nevada11"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Have U watched tape at all. Brockers is not explosive. He wasnt on the field on passing downs. What does that tell u

JPP has nothing to do with this at all. He isnt close to the same player as Brockers.[/quote]

its so easy to say that now because you have watched JPP pan out in the NFL. A lot of people thought jpp was gonna bust and was overrated too

Coming out of college JPP was praised for his upside! Why? The very one reason is because he had a verrrry rare wingspan and length. 81 inch wingspan and 36 inch arms! He was seen as an athletic freak coming out and had so much upside

Brockers has an even LONGER wingspan at 83 inches and 35 inch arms. He has amazing upside and is going to be great at rushing the passer in the nfl. He is very raw just like JPP coming out too. JPP showed flashes of greatness and so did Brockers. If JPP had so much upside coming out but Brockers doesnt?[/quote] For the life of me I cant figure out why you are comparing a 310 pound DT to a 270 pound DE as a valid comparison.
Have u seen Brockers play? In no shape way or form does he remind me of JPP. Its not because of how raw he is either. He just isnt the same kind of player .the only thing that they both have his length.Brockers reminds me of Chris Canty and in fact Id say Canty was quicker then Brockers at Virginia.

Im not even saying I dislike Brockers as a prospect just wouldnt rate a non pass rushing DT that high