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[quote user="nevada11"]green is overrated. i have watched him a lot. he is stiff. he is big and fast but he drops a lot of balls. he loses a lot of one-on-one 50/50 balls, he is an underachiever i would rather take egnew than that overrated TE[/quote] Egnew sucks.. He has no upside at all, and Green's upside is through the roof. With a good TE coach, Green could become a star in this league, i see Egnew as just another guy, in a long list of Mizzo TE's that end up being just another guy... Green has produced when given the chance against TOP competiton all ready, going 4recpt 87yrd 1td against GA, and 6recept 64yrd against LSU..

Egnew isn't gonna beat u vertically either, and Green is very capable of doing that, as well as underneath.. Green is more of a redzone threat as well, and simply capable of scoring more, because of his ability to go anywhere on the feild, as opposed to just mainly underneath stuff.. I'll take Green over Egnew everyday and twice on sundays.. Its not even close really..

[/quote] He "sucks". Has "no" upside. Wow, werent you gushing about him a few pages ago in this very thread? I guess people flip flop a lot nowadays[/quote] uhh, no...