I expect LSU to be, but they didn't win the National Championship and they return more players. Alabama will probably drop a bit since they won the NC, it happens to everyone, and because of all the players they lost. As for Georgia, I'll believe it when I see it. Aside from maybe FSU, I can't think of team that does less with more than Georgia. I respect Coach Richt, but his team always seems to play weak, undisciplined football. Lucky for him, Grantham runs that defense by himself and you could see them getting where they needed to be last year. I think their defense is going to be solid, top 5 in the country solid, but I want to see their offense play before I say they'll be better than Alabama. With all that said, I expect Georgia to be really good and they have the easiest schedule I may have ever seen from an SEC team... so they'll be highly ranked all year and they'll be in the SECCG. Problem is, the SECCG will be the only test they've had all year. As usual, half his team will be suspended for the first couple games, we'll see if that effects them at all.

I think LSU is going to win the SEC and the BCSCG.