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i gotta agree, its a bit to early.. I clump up the UDF's with the draft as well, which as u mentioned includes Mark Herzlich, and then u got Jaquian Williams and Darel Scott who are both helpful parts of the team at the end fo the draft, which pretty much makes us only need 1or2 outta Prince, Marvin, and Jerrell to pan out for a solid draft.. I think Prince will be fine once he gets healthy for a solid stretch.. Austin and Jerrnigan sitll have there upside which sometimes takes time to fulfill..

Either way, were freaking loaded in my humble opinion... I love this team!
Dont get me wrong I like Jacquain Williams a lot. I want him on the field. 2 me he has been the best rookie they had. With RIvers and Boley here , his injuries who knows how many snaps he will get this season