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your pineman r nfl ready.no more projects.even the guys they liked solder and ijalana werent ready
Ya, we need ready to plug in Olineman.. I'm thinking its possible to do what Jacksonville did that one yr when they went Eugene Monroe and followed that up with Ebben Britton in next rd.. I'd have no problem with them doing something like that.. Ricky Wagner has NYG written all over him.. Barrett Jones would make me most happy though.. If we have a good yr, and pick in the say 25-32 range, i'd have no issue trading up for Barrett Jones.. The guy is a beast!!!! I

Theres a C sleeper i absoulutly love from Illinois as well.. And i think hes got enough size and what not to play G as well.. Graham Pocic is his name.. Dude can flat out play! I am all about the lineman and safteies this yr...