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Well, you know I like Warmack. I still think OT is a bigger need and a more likely 1st round selection as well. But, if you want to make improving your interior blocking a priority in the offseason, I cant think of a better guy than that.

As far as Hawthorne, I like his measurables a lot. He is a hustler, and a good character guy as far as I can see. In all those ways he is a "Reese type" guy. He is also very good closer to the ball and combined with his WR skills(he plays some wr occasionaly) he is a ball hawk. My 1 hesitation about him, which he can easily correct, is his man v man skills downfield. What I have seen of him looks good, but I want to see him vs top notch wrs in man coverage.

Luckily for us this is a good year for big CBs. Banks, Rhodes, and Amerson are all good prospects. I think Rhodes is the best fit for what we do here. He dominates WRs early in the route more than anyone in the draft. That is exactly what you want in a passrush oriented defense. However, I would not complain about any of those guys.
Ya, i think Banks, Rhodes, and Amerson will all be gone in the first 23 picks.. THere extremely good.. I love Banks.. Hes probably my favorite CB in this yrs draft.. I think Rhodes ends up going before Amerson in this yrs draft.. Thats my upset or splash suggestion so far..lol Remember it here first, RHODES goes before AMERSON.. Hes insane!

As for my 1st pick, i'm completely sold on Warmack.. As much as i like Wagner, Wisconsins terrible this yr, and don't look anything like they did with Zeitler and and Peter Konz in the run game... I'm not saying Wagners doing bad because i haven't really delved into Wisconsin yet, but from what i have seen there Run game is alot weaker overall, which obviously has some to do with Russell WIlson being gone as well.. I'm jjust saying, Warmack is the real deal and at least is a Olineman, and is a positon of need with guys like Boothe, Diehl, eitehr aging or nto being long term solutions.. Also, u can't just pick Tackle because its what we need.. If theres a guy there whos better at a positon, and its still a positon of somehwat need, u take em.. We have FA'cy and also i'm more intrigued with Brewer and Mosley then i am with anything we have at G... Its kinda like Decastro last yr.. I feel Warmack is very special like Decastro was, and u dont' pass on special players..

Sorry if i'm all over right now, i just woke up from a nap..lol