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    Ya, i'm not fully sold on cj spiller even now.. Hes still only getting about 14-15 carries a game with fred jackson out, and eventually there gonna up em in carries, and then i have a feeling ur gonna see em get injured.. Its about time hes doing something
    Ehh.. 1st week they were getting blown out so much they had to go away from the run early. Furthermore, it is hard to get 20+ carries a game when you are averaging over 10 yards per carry. The offense just isnt on the field that much.

    However, I would argue that Wilson(and Martin) is a better prospect coming out than Spiller was. getting those guys at 31 and 32 seem a far better bargain. A point I think I have made in regards to the excellence of last year's rb class and it's value.
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    Also, his age has nothing to do with Coughlin not playing em..
    I am not making excuses for his fumble, nor have I ever implied his age is why he isnt getting carries. Rather I have said TC doesnt often play rookies on offense. That is fact, not opinion. It has a lot to do with his believe in ball security and it has a lot to do with this complicated offense. But Bradshaw has been our main back here for a few years now and people forget, he was nothing but a kick returner for almost all of his rookie year here. He didnt understand the offense and has a fumble issue early on as well. How would you have rated him after his 1st 2 games?

    My point is you sounding the horn of no performance after week 2 is a lil ridiculous.Especially when he has been a good contributor on special teams. In truth, it seems a bit of sour grapes because you didnt like the pick. I seem to remember many people last year saying almost the exact same about JJ when we had a midseason rash of injuries to our WRS.."this kid needs to step up." and "everyone ahead of him is hurt and he still doesnt see the field" but since you liked that pick you came to his defense saying it is still far too early to call him out. But now you are calling out Wilson even earlier than they did JJ.

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    Yesterday, Lamar Miller whos the same age as David Wilson didnt fumble right away and didn't drop a pass and took his opp by the horns and ran really well gaining 65yrd on 10carrys.. Now he's gonna get a share of the load next week, and if he takes his opp adn does well, it'll just keep evolving..
    I seem to remember being very high on Miller last spring. I also seem to remember you saying you did not like him at all and he was well below Chris Polk. I find it ironic that you would now try to use him as an example.
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