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    Snee was drafted 2004 and Diehl 2003. So Snee is the lone exception because Deihl was under Fassel as a rookie.

    It is actually quite amazing how consistent TC's policy has been towards offensive rookies.
    I always equate Diehl with 2005 have no idea why. Ive done it multiple times. The only guys who really got involved were Snee and Nicks. I am a little discouraged by Wilson myself. I think RB has different rules then other positions because the career is shorter. If your going to draft a RB in the 1st round u better be playing him . I was hoping to see him get around 125-150 carries which is still possible but looks doubtful at the moment. I think he will get a chance this week against Carolina with the short week. He better take advantage because if he struggles or fumbles he could be buried for the rest of the season.
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