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    The bills just drafted there 2nd monster sized CB in 2yr span with Gilmore and A.Williams, but it dosen't mean they won't draft a good CB because hes not big.. Hence Ron Brooks... Actually, i find it hard to believe we got bigger secondary then the bills...

    What about the Steelers? Ike Taylor is 6ft 2inch, and Cortez Allen is 6ft 1in almost 200lbs..Keenan lewis is 6ft 208lbs.. Every one of those guys are bigger then our biggest CB.. Curtis Brown is 6ft almost a 190 as well..

    Chargers got Quentin Jammer whos 6ft 204lb and Cason whos 6ft 1in 196lbs... Marcus Gilchrist is 5ft 10in 200lbs...etc

    Are u sure we have the biggest CB's in the league?
    Secondary and Defense ,Last year and the year before they were . This year your probably right though . Without the injuries to Thomas and Amukmara Giants would of looked different though. Tryon wouldnt of made the team. U would of been left with Webster,Thomas ,Amukumara,Coe and Hosley

    They still might have the tallest defense overall. Giants Defensive Line and Linebackers are really tall. If u took all the 11 starters plus the Nickel back if u add together and divide probably still have the tallest defense overall.Id be shocked if it didnt dwarf most teams Front 7's.

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