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    Most excited i've been about a game in a very long time time.. Week after next, Stanford @ Notre Dame!! Most know i'm a irish and umass fan, and my irish are kicking butt right now and i can't wait to see if they can beat the Cardnial! Prospect wise, the game will be great with Te'o, Ertz, S.taylor, Z.Motta, Eifert, Cierre Wood, Braxston Cave, Shayne Skov, Chase Thomas, Prince Shembo, but overall it should have 2undefeated teams who could be playing for a big bowl game at the end of the season..
    See if the Irish are for real in that game.They win that 1, good shot at a BCS Bowl. ND's defense is real good the QB situation is awful though.
    I look at CFB right now and I basically think who can beat Alabama? If Alabama plays well I dont think anybody can beat them. If they play average LSU and Oregon have a shot. Anybody else would need for Alabama to turn the ball over multiple times and they would have to play unbelievable no mistakes and even then the list is short

    I was talking to Slip about the Giants DE's we both are thinking theres a chance that Tuck,Osi and Kiwi could all be gone in the next 2 years. I dont know what U think but Justin Tuck doesnt look like a great player anymore and im not sure he will ever be consistently good again. I think he could retire after next season. Osi probably wont be brought back because of money. I think we have to get another DE in here now. We need another edge rusher bad. Giants ends are good at playing the run but we need another guy that can line up wide and take the corner. If Osi cant do that Giants will have trouble winning another Super Bowl this year
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