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If u look at the comment section, i was all over em for that!!!lol I kept telling him to mock Michael Mauti or Rod Sweeting or someone like that, but he mocked freakaing Mike Glennon..lol I'm like, "dude Eli plays every down of every yr basically"..lol

Mind u, i have no problem drafting a QB or 2 in the midish to late rds, becasue u never know, but its to early with all the FA's we have, and positons were gonna have to fill to go LUXURY pick, with a QB...
Even Alvin Bailey as a late 3rd would be someone I would prefer over a QB. The Giants aren't really a QB factory like the Packers, Eagles, or Patriots to turn backups into potential future 1st or 2nd rounders. If we were to try something like that, it would need to be a 6th or 7th rounder imo.