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I'm kinda getting the idea that this yrs crop of prospects is really deep in the secondary, both S and CB... Theres a ton of Corners and Safteys that i really like..
Jonathan Banks miss st
Demarcus Milliner bama
jordan poyer oregon st.
carrington byndom texas
dave amerson nc state
Xavier Rhodes fla st- this is my guy right here.. I think hes the best CB prospect in the country ahead of amerson and milliner and banks..
johnny adams mich st
micah hyde iowa- one of my fave's outside the top of the crop
leon mcfadden san diego st.- not really a sleeper, but undervalued a bit
terry hawthorne illinois- i like this kid alot
desmond trufant- huge in win vs stanford

eric reid lsu
tony jefferson oklahoma
kenny vaccaro texas- one of my faves, and my 2nd rated S in my personal rankings
tj mcdonald usc
matt elam florida- one of my faves..
robert lester bama
baccari rambo gerorgia- i feel hes got 1st rd talent but most have em going in rd 3... i'd be shocked if by draft time if he goes after rd 2..
shawn williams georgia
duke williams nevada

Now these are just really good prospects at the positon, theres a ton more sleeper types and what not.. I'm just giving a idea that this is a deep secondary class..
Amerson was a disaster again yesterday I dont think he comes out. If he does its almost guaranteed to be at safety. Defense in College Football has become a complete joke. Those games yesterday I had a hard time watching