WalterFootball has us taking the following players in his updated mock draft

1. Barrett Jones T/C/G - Says he would immediately start at LG or RT for us and could move to C. I think he fits better on the interior line than as a T in the NFL.

2. Desmond Trufant CB - Haven't really caught any of his games this year so I'm not qualified to speak about him. I know nycsports likes him though. Plus we always need more CBs since injuries always plague us there.

3. Nico Johnson ILB - I like the player since it's obvious Blackburn doesn't have what it takes (athleticism) to be MLB against teams with a great rushing attack but it's paramount we get a pass rusher before the 4th round.

Pros: Some good prospects that have great chances to make an impact on this team.
Cons: I don't think we can afford to wait until rounds 4-7 to grab a pass rusher with Osi heading into FA and Tuck not seeming like Tuck anymore.