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See, i thought Minter looked thick and around his listed HT personally.. Maybe its just the physical way he plays or something, as it seems like he plays big and physical.. I love em as a prospect.. He reminds me of Kelvin Sheppard some... Hes litteraly in on every tackle it seems, and hes strong enough and fast enough to get behind the line and make plays.. I wonder how many TFL he has? Seems like quite a few, but i could be wrong..

I like Reid as well.. Many don't seem to care for em on this thread, and i agree hes having a bit of a down yr, but u can clearly see the talent, and with that size and speed, its very intriguing.. I think reese will like em as well..
Minter is thick. Looks like he has a FUllback frame. But I see #52 next to him who is listed as 6'3 and he seems to be at least 3" taller than Minter. I get the feeling Minter is closer to 5'11