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As a kid, I remember watching Barry Sanders in that remarkable 1988 season where he won the Heisman. In particular I remember that Bowl game where he had 5 TDs. I think I will remember last nights performance by Barner with a similar amount of awe. It was remarkable.

I also think Oregon has a future Heisman guy in Markus Mariota, provided he can avoid injury. That is 1 cool customer for a redshirt freshman.
you must really be in awe of Doug Martins performance then, seeing how it was against a NFL team, and without there star G Carl Nicks.. Now do u see why i was so high on Martin??? Dude is the complete package!!!! THe bucs totally got us on that one, and kudos to there GM and war room for realizing we were probably thinking RB... I tell ya what, i actually hope that reese did have martin pegged as our pick, because if he didn't, it was bad GM'ing, becasue the dudes incredible! Speed, strength, burst, hands...etc That dude is utterly insane!

I raved about that guy for months before the draft, and even i coulden't see him becoming this studly so fast! WOW!