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Oh, i'm certainly not talking about taking a MLB in RD 1.. Just in rd 2or3, unless by some crazy miracle we can get Manti Te'o, because he'll fit any system with his abilty to cover and rush the QB and tackle.. But other then that, i woulden't take any of Minter, Mauti, Red****, or Bostic in RD 1.. But if were 2 go offensive line or TE or S in RD 1, and a guy like Minter or Mauti is on board in RD 2, and there isn't a super value pick DE to be had, i'm scooping up the MLB all day long!James Gayle for instance isn't gonna cut it for me in RD 2, if Kevin Minter or Mike Mauti is on the board still in RD 2.. Of course if a guy falls that plays DE where the value permits taking em over one of the MLB's, then i'm all for it.. I certainly don't see that happeneing.. If we go DE in RD1, for say a guy like Tank Carradine or Alex Okafor, i'm certainly gonna be happy about it though.. I like both prospects, i just don't know if Okafor will be there, and i'm not 100pct sure Carradine will be either, for that matter, with his on field production
gotcha. I typically don't have a good grasp on prospects and projected rounds until early march. But I will say that I highly doubt we take a mlb early that doesn't have great measurables. Of the guys you listed that fit the Bill, I don't know.