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You would take fauria in the first? I have seen limited tape on him, only because i have been bias and following Eifert like a hawk. How is his blocking, cause right now i have Eifert as the most improved blocking TE coming out this year followed by Toilolo and Ertz.
He-ll no i woulden't take em in the 1st!!!!lol Where'd u get that from? I said i'd consider em in the 2nd or 3rd if we didn't go TE in RD 1.. Hes scored in 7of8 games, and puts up WR numbers at 6ft 7in 255lbs(room for weight) on a daily basis. Hes not a horrible blocker by any stretch, he just needs to get alittle bit better, which isn't unusual for college players.. I mean, if he was a great blocker, he'd be easily talked about as a 1st rder, with his size, athletic ability, and being a matchup nightmare.. He had no problem against a team that simply shut down Oregon's offense.. Theres really no team in football that has stopped Fauria.. Hes avg'd less then 10yrds a catch 1time this season, and more often then not, avg's 14-15yrds a catch.. At his size, thats pretty impressivve..