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How can you even argue against Manziel? The guy set an SEC record for yards and beat Alabama!...Nothern Illi played nobody
Jordan Lynch holds the record for most consecutive 100yrd rushing games by a QB at 11 and counting, and threw for 24tds and only 5picks, while beating everyone except a 1pt loss to Iowa... Iowa stinks i here ya, but they beat on Toledo , who beat CINCY, and took ARIZONA to OT, and they beat BALL ST, who beat S.Florida and Indiana(indiana on road no less), and the beat Kent St who beat RUTGERS in RUTGERS.. Now were talking a MAC school, not a high powered football team that has crazy rich tradition of loaded teams.. Manziel has not 1 , but 2 1sr RD OT's protecting him, and draftable RB in Christine Michale, and draftable WR in Ryan Swope, and probably top 10 pick on D in DE MOORE, and top 2rd LB in Sean Porter, and about a handful of other draftable prospects... I mean, jesus!

Jordan Lynch just broke Denard Robinson's single season record for Rushing Yrds by a QB! Denard Robinson had alot of heisman talk that yr, and can u imagiine if he threw for almost 3000yrds and 24tds and only 5picks as well???lol He'd of got it in a land slide! Jordan Lynch has carried relative unknown No Illinois team to a BCS bowl game mostly by himself, and absouluty no defense to help him out.. Hes my Heisman, if i was voting...