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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    Demarcus Milliner is gonna be a top 5-10pick though.. Hes the consensus number 1 CB just like Pat Peterson and Morris Claiborne the past couple seasons.. Theres zero chance were in positon to get em...

    I like Tyler Eifert alot, and have no issue taking em, as he was my pick in the 2nd to last mock i did, and i've mocked em a couple other times as well in my weekly mock, i believe, so i'm ok with that.. I would rather go Baccari Rambo in the 2nd rd over Tharold Simon.. U can find CB's later in the draft, better then u can find playmaking Safteys that turn the game around ala Ed Reed.. Baccari Rambo is extremely underrated , and if he shows he has no off field issues, could end up pulling a Harrison Smith, and jumping into Late RD1 consideration.. I'll gurantee he makes a couple big plays in there bowl game, becuase hes a star, who shines in big moments...

    I dissagree about Brennan WIlliams though.. I think he'll be fine coming back from a labrum tear as young as he is.. Ed Reed played right through his Laburm Tear all season long this yr and is doing fantastically might i add.. It a common injury in the NFL...Drew Brees, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Dwight Freeny, Shawne Merriman, Frank Gore had 2, and they all played fine after words and came back with no problems...

    Orr Limpisvasti a Orthapedic Surgeon in LA said in a Article talking about the injury that most of the time u can play with it, and even a severe one, u should be able to be fine with the right surgical procedure..
    With the labrum tear as an O-line man the force applied/ pressure on the shoulders are greater than any other positon. we have pilots that are put on down status for 365 days with re-evals/ ortho for this issue and all they do is pull/push minimal and carry around an O2 tank (15 pounds) lol. I hope that is the case but from what I have saw clincally i would have to disagree there.

    I was thinking rambo as well as i put it in my edit. but I thought he would be gone by where we select in the 2nd so i didn't even bother. you are the one that's got me buzzing on rambo your love for him is well deserved from what i saw. and as far as milliner i know he wil not leave the top 15 but i was saying if we had a chance at CB's/S in the first these are the guys i would want in that order.

    Edit: Also while i agree there might be zero chance of us having a shot at milliner, it was the same thing we said about prince. so anything can be possible. There is always a knee jerking pull on QB's and right now I have a couple of teams that might do that in the first KC/Titans/Jaguars/(surprisingly) Bills might be in ths bucket as well/Raiders might want to rebuild/Cardinals/ Wont be surprised if the Jets are in the market as well depending on whos on the table at their pick, that circus is always good for a shocker. So at the most that pushes some guys out of their potential landing spots. I think 4 QBs at the most don't leave the first, possible 5.
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