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He's done a very good job being the last line of defense. Takes good angles. Doesn't miss tackles.
Lol... this is what I meant
he has some high solo tackle numbers and he has deceptive speed, that interception where he broke on the ball and jumped in front of graham tells a lot. Always eyes on QB without losing the receiver in his point of attack, and great closing speed. I think he plays well in this system. so the question is and NYCsportsfan might put a hit out on me for this, we might not need a safety this draft. A corner definitely. I think this team is a solid LB core and another Outside CB away from being a top 5 defense and that's with the D-Line we currently have.

I asked about the SAM cause I think we save a draft-able spot by putting Kiwi back on the rotation heavily. Yes he is a great hybrid player, but you cannot deny his ability as a hands in the dirt pass rusher or run stopping DE.