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The only problem is, we really do have a ton of needs to be trading up. I wouldnt mind it if we could address OL and DE, but usually it is teams with 1 or 2 missing peices that trade up, I do not think we are in that category anymore.

In fact, I think we are at a tipping point this year. This team is very close to falling out of relevance if we dont have a decent offseason and bring in more than just a couple good players. We need 3-5 quality NFL starters added to the roster this offseason and I cant see how we can do that without some serious Reese magic.
I dissagree, teams are always trading up that su-ck as well as teams that need only a few pieces.. OLINE and DLINE is obviously are 2 biggest needs, and being able to secure both of those positons in RDs 1 and 2 would seem to fill our 2 biggest needs real quick..