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To be fair, almost every positon in the NFL has plenty of guys producing that came from nowhere(easier to pick up as u say).. Look at guys like Asante Samuel(4th rd pick), Terrell Thomas(very late 2nd rd pick), Casey Hayward(late 2nd by Pack, i loved this kid! Looks like real deal), Tramon Williams(undrafted by pack), Tarrell Brown(5th rd by 49ers, and a solid starter), Captain Munneryln(former 7th rd pick of Panthers, and giving em great value as a starter from that draft slot)....etc...etc

I could go on and on like this, and these are just a few of the starters from CB positon that were taken mid to late 2nd and down to 7th rd.. Just off the top of my head..

Obviously u could do the same thing with Oline, and any positon, but my point is, u can't think like its easier to fill a certain positon here or there.. If we fill CB in FA'cy, then fine, and if we fill Oline in FA'cy, then fine, but neither is easier to fill, and its gonna take finding guys in FA'cy and in the draft that are value picks, and pickups, and try to get as many positons filled for future as possible.. There is no such thing as easier to fill, in my opinion..
I think what i was trying to say is OL in FA you can get some veteran guys that can come in and be smart enough to learn the offense faster and contribute faster i.e Locklear. As opposed to CB, teams will lock up good CB's before they can even allow them to hit FA, unless the money is just too much to retain that player i.e Nnamdi; kind of how Redeye said the top three valuable positions QB/Pass rusher/CB.

I think this is the first Draft upcoming year where I've noticed we have so many holes due to age, injury and declining performance. I don't know how we are going to fill them. The draft might not be enough and the cap hits we have next year even with cutting guys might cripple the decisions we should or should make.

I am curious of what do you guys think of Will Sutton on our defensive line?