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Newton is a project IMO. Needs some development. He reminds me of michael vick/vince young. He has amazing arm strength but his accuracy isn't his strong point. His mechanics and footwork needs a lot of refinement. Too many times I've seen his receivers have to slow down or adjust to his passes and he's not really a pocket QB. Also (imo) a project's success is determined on the team that drafts him (a good organization with a respectable coaching staff) and that players' intangibles. He does have some red flags because of what his father did.

Newton has tremendous athleticism, arm strength, and size but still pretty raw. He will not start in the NFL immediately. Definitely has amazing upside tho

Hes completing almost 70pct of his pass's... Thats pretty darn accurate..
[/quote]Yeah for the things they ask him to do he is magnificent. My only thing is they dont ask him to do NFL types of reads and his receivers dont run NFL routes. Thats not his fault Im just saying[/quote] yes, u have made that point quite clear...lol It dosen't change the fact hes hitting his recievers on the move, with guys coming on him, ala the kentucky td pass that was amazing as a Defender litteraly was just about on him and he threw it while scrambling right on the money.. What QB can make that throw? seriously? And speaking of timing patterns, how about his TD pass in the Clemson game, where he freaking gunned it as hard as i seen a QB gun a pass for a 6yrd td pass to the just inside right hashmark, to the point the REF said the WR was out of bounds(a corner was litteraly on his back by the way) and replay clearly showed the feet in... It was just a shot gun get the ball and a second later gun it to where the WR is supposed to be... I mean, the guys made every play, maybe not as much as some would like, but theres evidence of every type of play and throw made from this kid.. The TD pass against KU and Ole Miss are flat out, ******edly sickening good, and i don't know if any player in this Country can make the same throws... I believe in, if your a Good PLayer, your gonna be good, as its just in your blood and your destiny to be good... Cam Newtons just a good player, who can make all the throws, can improvise, and has extremely awesome measurables and speed, and is 100times more accurate at his age then Mike Vick was at the same time, plus he has the advantage of seeing over most defenders, as mike vick can't do that... Dudes stupid accurate, and i've been writing about this kid since like the 2nd wk of the season and had money on just about every game hes played in, so i've seen just about every play from him, and wk by wk, i just kept wanting to see one more thing, to make me a total believer and every wk i was left satisfied and seeing that one more thing... I am 100pct completely satisfied and i would draft him in a Heart beat if i was a GM looking for a QB.. I'd take him over every QB except Luck...[/QUOTE] I was looking for the guy i had the BET with about Mercilus/Perry(most sacks for yr, i got mercilus), and i found this debate about CAM NEWTON we had back in early DEC of 2010, and i am shocked at the draft gurus on here who debated with me about NEWTON starting right awy and being able to do everything needed as a NFL QB to succeed.. Newton's been brilliant obviously, and can really throw it, and run it.. I think Carolina is happy with there selection and starting him from day 1..