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Your a stat guy so here is some Stats

Giant Defense with Phillips

Points per game 18.5 Passing yards 235 Total yards per game 362 QB TD 8 INT 7

without Phillips
points per game 25 Passing Yards 281 Total Yards per game 402 QB TD 17 Int 12

Last 2 games Phillips played the Giants gave up 10 and 17 points. A guy can have an impact with interceptions
ya, well tell me how are pass rush was in those so called games..lol I'm sure we got sacks, because there isn't one player on our team who can do squat if were not getting pressure.. And we certainly aren't a coverege sack team, at least not regularly... KP would be getting thrashed back there if he was playing the last few wks, with absoulutley no diffrence in the game.. Not to mention, those are the type of games that make those stats u show, look like they do.. KP is just a guy.. Let em go somewhere else and be a non factor...

Also, when was the last 2games he played, last yr, the yr before? Its hard to keep up with the guy who is out with injurys every other day it seems...
And yes, if ur doing something as a S , stats will show up to a degree.. If ur around the ball, u will have no choice but to run into some picks or something other then tackling WR's 15-20yrds down field or RB's who all ready got chunk yardage... I mean the guy has forced all but 1 fumble in his career, has like 3TFL in his career, and 8picks... Thats ridiculous.. Earl Thomas has tripled KP's TFL in his short career, and forced the same amount of fumbles and recoverd the same amount of fumbles, and has almost as many tackles all ready as well.. And hes the guy whos supposed to be nothing but finesse..

And u wonder why Seattles Defense is trending upwards, and ares has been dreadful for monster chunks of season almost every yr since KP's been here.. Sure, we've picked up consistency at teh right time(postseason), but constantly have to wiggle are way in and have dud games in a row end of the season every yr, where we get picked apart... Kam Chancellor is a better saftey then KP as well..

I'm just saying, the guy dosen't make a diffrence, and guys who are good, tend to make a dent statistaclly.. At least a dent..