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I have no idea what Kam Chancelor and Earl Thomas has to do with the Giants giving up a TD less per game when Phillips plays. A Safety can have an impact on a game without touching the ball or making a tackle if the QB decides to dump it off instead of throwing the ball deep
U think KP is such a good cover saftey he keeps QB's from going deep??? I don't think KP is as highly thought of as u in the NFL... I surely doubt Qb's even care when hes out there.. Kenny Phillips dosen't exactly bring fear to QB's and the pass game, i surely doubt.. I was bringing up the seahawks, because it just kinda shows u that Safteys who are actually good, tend to make plays from time to time, and not just by as u say, keeping teams from throwing deep, but by forcing a fumble, recovering a fumble, getting some TFL, and making plays against the run..etc

Did u ever see that missed tackle by Kenny Phillips against a TE in Brent Celek? It was downright atrosius... Again, we actually had a pass rush in the GB game for a change, and there is nothing KP would of done to make a diffrence in any of the last few wks.. The scores would of been the exact same..

Wait till we get a real saftey who actually makes plays behind the line on occasion, forces a fumble from time to time, and actually is on the field as well...