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The best part about Ogletree is that hes young and missed time and as soon as he gets back into games, he takes over.. Hence, missing 4games this yr, and yet leading the BULLDOGS in Tackles, and last yr it was similar, as he came back and just flat out beasted against Michigan St in the Bowl game, with 13tackles..

He does it all, and hes still learning.. Watched em just pick up TJ YELDON like he was a rag doll and give almost near no resistence as soon as contact was made.. Hes wirey strong with room to pack on a few more lbs with his frame, and not lose athletic ability and speed... Ogletree is gonna be a star.. In my opinion of course..lol
I can find a bunch of bad examples of his play in the Alabama game 2. he turns his back away from contact a few times on interior runs. Im not saying he isnt a very exciting player with loads of upside because he is but he isnt the most physical ILB either