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I know Rhodes is bigger. By perhaps 2" and 10 or so pounds. But that is not inherently a positive.

And I'm basing his speed on how I see him play. He grabs a lot instead of just running with guys. To me that shows he doesn't have great speed.

As far as shutting guys down in college. That's all well and good. But CBs get away with a lot more in college. And they don't have to spend as much time isolated against exceptionally fast receivers.
Maybe your right, but until the combine we dont know. 1 thing I do know is that he absolutely dominates WRs early in the route. Moreso than Prince did, moreso than any other CB this year cept possibly milliner. For a team that likes to win with passrush he is a perfect fit since he might be the very best CB coming out this year at defending the 3 step drop quick set passes.