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Excellent mock. I am not a big Ansah fan and thats the only pick I would change. I think Okafor would be there with Ansah and I think he will be the better pro despite having less athletic tools. Also, I don't think Dennis Johnson would be there in the 7th but this mock would be very good.
Thanks man! I woulden't be so sure that Dennis JOhnson will be gone.. Theres quite a few RB's out there this yr, and alot of times teams will start picking there own guys(surprise picks) in the mid to late rds, letting guys like Johnson possibly fall.. Talking about guys like Kevin Boss, Jaquain Williams, and stuff like that.. Surprise names ur not really familiar with but teams get to know because of scouting.. Theres always a ton of players in the late rds whos still left that ur surprised about.. I'm not 2 sure Dennis Johnson's stock is so high we can be sure he won't last untill the 7th..

But we shall see.. Ya, i really like this mock as well...