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uhh, 18.5 is more then 16, and Spikes production declined as he stayed at Florida.. Red****s continued to go up, culminating in the 18.5 TFL season.. Also, Florida played a extra game the yr ur talking about compared to Red**** this past season.. Not to mention, Florida just had a much better team then UNC this past season.. Red**** is gonna get drafted by a 4/3 team, i'll almost gurantee it. I think he'd be a perfect fit to play MLB for us.. He sheds blocks well, and is not a total slouch in coverege, and has all the measurables, and played in a 4/3 in college.. Where did u see him playing DE? I just watched a couple video's of his today, and didn't see him play DE at all?
Just curious, but how do you manage to go through all of these guys tapes and conclude all of them are great. Dont you think maybe you are missing something if everyone is projecting them as a later round pick, but you think he is a great starter?

The difference is Spikes actually could play in coverage, had the instincts for it, and probably has a bit better flexibility and change of direction. So he wasent used as a blizter almost every play.