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Ya, i know ur a fan of Harpers.. I woulden't mind em in the 6th or 7th either.. I like that TJ Moe as a late rd pick to possibly take a spot for Hixon and Barden if they don't come back.. Hes had shoddy QB play most of his career, outside of Blaine Gabbert, and reminds me of a mix of Stokley, Edelman, and Welker.. Can mix it up outside or in slot, is slippery after the catch, plays a gritty style of football, fights for yards...etc Just strikes me as a "football" player... I think he could be a versatile depth WR for someone, and make a GM look good as a later rd pick... He seems to have at least solid speed as well..
Former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus said Missouri WR T.J. Moe "might be a hard guy to get rid of if you brought him on your squad."

Moe has "dependable hands and does a solid job of getting open," writes broaddus, who project him to the slot. "Really has more quickness than true speed. He is not afraid of running routes inside but can also work along the sidelines." This all reads a lot like a Danny Amendola scouting report.