Excerpt: "At 67, can Tom Coughlin keep up with the younger coaches?

Archer: I don't see why not. I don't think the Giants' woes last year were due to Coughlin's age. He doesn't have to run sprints with these guys, and his experience, to me, is a bonus. Heck, I think he's the best coach in the division and not because he has two Super Bowl rings. He knows how to put his team in position to win games they shouldn't. That's the mark of a good coach. I don't know if Garrett, Kelly and Gruden have that ability. I look at the Giants' 2013 season as a one-year thing, not the sign of some downturn. Coughlin doesn't sound like a guy lacking energy for the job, which is something Bill Parcells wrestled with just about every year.

Graziano: Careful! This is where Coughlin challenges anyone who thinks he's too old to meet him at 5 a.m. and go through his workout and his day with him. (Though I offered to take him up on that last year and was told no by the team's media relations staff.) But honestly, Coughlin's age is not an issue here. He just hired a 36-year-old offensive coordinator who's never called plays before and is giving him the keys to the offense. He's no stick in the mud. He'll change things if he thinks he needs to change them in order to win or survive. Coughlin is a high-energy coach who still connects with his players, and the evidence for that is the 7-3 finish that followed the Giants' 0-6 start in 2013. Coughlin hasn't lost his coaching touch. He needs better players.

Keim: Well, two years ago it was Coughlin raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy so I don't know that in 2014 he should be intimidated or worried that he can't keep up with younger coaches, none of whom have won a playoff game. Besides, the Giants have been run well for a longer time than any of their division foes and ultimately that's what wins. But I also wonder if facing new (and younger) coaches won't energize Coughlin just a little to keep pace and show them he hasn't lost his so-called fastball. Also, Coughlin's ability to keep up probably has more to do with which team Eli Manning will throw to next season. Turnovers will make any coach feel older than his birth age.

Sheridan: I don't see why not. Coughlin was a grumpy old man before he was all that old. It's part of his, let's call it, charm. I do wonder why he still wants to keep grinding after winning a couple of Super Bowl championships. It seems like a good time to take a step back and enjoy a well-earned retirement. But if Coughlin feels driven -- and he obviously does -- then there's no reason he can't continue to hold his own against the rest of the NFC East coaches. Kelly is 50 -- not exactly a wunderkind. Garrett and Gruden are younger, but neither has done anything to belong in the same conversation as Tom Coughlin just yet." Read more..