Hey everyone, this is my first mock draft.

Round 1 pick 26: Jared Crick DT Nebraska: the most fearsome d-line with or without osi next year. He reminds me a lot like Jared Allen, same first name, motor, would be top 15 pick had he not torn his pec. I think it showed when bernard made that sack, that we need another fred robbins in the middle who can get in the qb's face. Alternative Picks: Alfonso Dennard(good cover corner but not so hot in run rupport, Cliff Harris CB Oregon(can return punts, and good against deep ball, don't wanna see amukamara torched deep next season)

Round 2: Tyler Eiffert TE Notre Dame: Athletic pass catching tight end who blocks well on screens. Ballard and Eiffert. Double Trouble. Please draft him unless Dwayne Allen falls to us. Alternative Picks; DJ Fluker OT Bama'/ Robert Lester Safety(i know we're developing sash but lester has 10 int's and can be that gamechanging playmaking safety the giants need, kenny phillips is a good deep safety but too many balls caught in front of him and miscommunications with webster.

Round 3: Nate Potter OT Boise State: Also wouldn't mind kellen moore in the 6th or7th competition for carr. I think we'll plug in Brewer at RT for McKenzie and Potter/Beatty depending on his eye health. Alternative Picks: Coby Fleener, Lamichael James( we need a back in case Jacobs doesn't return .