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    Safeties and LEO's for 2015

    The loss of WIll Hill is absolutely crushing as the Giants lose yet another quality player under 25. With Reese and Ross being unable to draft quality players as of late the sting is multiplied.

    With no pass rushers on the roster and the safeties on the team either unproven, aging, or having serious injury concerns these 2 positions will be the focus of my 2015 scouting.

    I shall start with

    Kurtis Drummond MSU 6-1 200

    vs OSU

    vs WMU

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    Do you have any Shilique Calhoun?

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    Vic beasley is the guy I want. Wanted him this year actually.

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    Glad you put up kurtis Drummond, this kid has a lot of upside. Home he has a good season

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinfarmer View Post
    Do you have any Shilique Calhoun?
    Yes , yes i DO

    vs Michigan

    vs OSU

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    what do you think of landon collins bama?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegreatone View Post
    what do you think of landon collins bama?
    Havent broke him down yet, Drummond was the only 1 I really watched .

    Ive been looking deep for edge rushers , without success . Kyle Fackrell from Utah State is kind of interesting but I havent watched much of him. He plays LB, pretty good in space but has a long lanky frame, Hasnt seen if he can pop off the edge yet , nimble though.

    Devonte Fields from TCU interested me a lot ib 2012 but Im having trouble getting his games now. SMU game has been DLing for 2 weeks , I will get it eventually.
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    +1. I added a link on another post with a few of these guys . Bring them all to camp ! Bring It ! Show your stuff !!!

    I think JR knows this to be a need and concern.
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    No pass rushers on the roster? Have we all ready given up on Damontre moore and JPP being a great duo? Next yr is the yr of the DE and CB it seems to me so far. S also seems to be fairly loaded. Landon Collins, kurtis drummond, Jordan Richards, and Karl Joseph all come to mind. I'm personally hoping for Eric Striker or Cedric Reed in the 1st rd(super early hopefuls). I'd rather grab a Jordan Richards in RD2 or something..

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    Can we add tight end to that position list? I think we're in a more desperate situation there than in safety or pass rusher. There's nobody we can even bring back (at least Rolle and Brown are still available). Any solution at TE for 2014 is going to be a patch job at best (assuming Reese doesn't **** that up), and the likelihood of any of our tight end crop being long-term effective breakouts is about as likely as Berhe or Taylor breaking out.

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