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    Bucs unveil new uniform design

    Following on from last week's "exciting" reveal of the team's "new" logo and helmet, the Buccaneers have today lifted the curtain on their new, Nike-designed home strip, and, well...


    It looks like a reject from the Arena League, or maybe an alt for the Bengals or Cards. Pretty strange for a primary uniform. The Bucs' old design was very distinct, while this one (save for the alarm clock numbers font) just isn't.

    Nike are too in love with this whole "OMG FUTURE" look.

    Oh well, it's only the Bucs.

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    All-Pro gmen0820's Avatar
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    Too cartoonish.

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    Terrible......even more baffling is that the bucs had one of the best uniforms in the league.

    Can someone help me understand things like this?

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    I like em..

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    Somebody must've been high when they approved that design.
    One of these teams is not like the others

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    cartoon, stupid, but that's what they want...a break from the Traditional, so it is what is...

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    Why mess with what was already a damn good uniform?

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    I like these..

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    Oh man, I missed these:

    I'd feel embarrassed having to put that thing on.
    At least I was wrong about the white being the home kit. I thought they may have been going for a Cowboys sort of thing.

    Some more:

    That number font... just wow.

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    Doug Martin just dropped 15 ADPs because of that.

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