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    At first I was thinking O line definitely...then I was thinking maybe a beast DE. But now I'm thinking if this tight end from UNC Ebron is as good as they say, that may be the way to go. Eli would be so much more dangerous with that added blocking/recieving a great tight end can bring. this will mean they will need to spend money on a free agent o lineman however.
    While i think Ebron would be great, i do think Austin Safarian-Jenkins from UW is just as good. He was being talked about as a top 10 pick before this season started and is really not being talked about as much anymore. If we go TE, i think we can land ASJ in the 2nd round and focus on a greater need in the first round. My dream scnenario would be to have Khalil Mack or Justin Gilbert fall to us, but I doubt it will happen, depends on the QB run.

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    I say trade the pick for a couple good guys to plug the holes. This isnt a rebuild so lets get some guys we know will produce and make another SB run while the franchise QB is in his last few prime years

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