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    So much for trying to get Shazier in the 2nd round

    Was hoping he'd fall to the mid 2nd round.. doesn't look like it after his pro day..

    And yet he still covered the 120 feet in 4.36 seconds. Unofficially.

    Yes, a linebacker ran the 40 in 4.37 seconds. And he weighed 237 pounds, more than the scouts expected.

    I feel like I can gain 10 more pounds if I had to, Shazier said, via Cleveland.com. I feel good right now.

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    I knew he was fast but 4.37?? Officially he's probably in the low 4.4's but that's still ridiculous. I wouldn't necessarily say the Giants don't have a shot at him though. I still think he'll go somewhere early day 2.

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    He reinjured his hammy with the weight he's already put on idk if his frame can handle another 10 pounds too quickly without breaking down again, and we still have a shot hopefully there will be a run on wide outs from the end of the 1st and early second and push him down

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    Aaron Donald ....Shazier...then Carlos Hyde was my wish list 1-3

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    Fastest Make-A-Wish patient yet.

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    Shazier is built for the 4-3.. Would love him in Big Blue

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    I duno, he may still make it to the 2nd. A LOT of teams subscribe to the notion that a LB has to be able to rush the passer to be a 1st rounder. I do think that line of thinking is fading in the NFL a bit, but its still there.

    It is less likely now that he makes to our 2nd rounder, but its not impossible.

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    Top 20 on my board. I think he will go in the 20's

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    I still don't think he falls to the first round in the second. I think he'll fall from where he should go, but not by that much. Being the better prospect, I think he'll go where Ogletree went, even though the 2013 draft wasn't as heavy as this year's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    Top 20 on my board. I think he will go in the 20's
    How big of a reach is Shazier at #12

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