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    Those guys got PAID !!!!! I was not aware Denver had that much $$$$ in cap space.
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    Broncos will be in cap hell in a couple years

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    The Broncos are in full panic mode. Looking a lot like the Redskins, though they do have a good foundation.

    My bet is that they don't win the SB again and these contracts essentially destroy the team when Manning retires.

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    The Broncos were in great shape with the cap space. Just take a look at the team's cap spread.


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    Is he still getting paid by the Cowboys on top of this deal?

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    DEN definitely sees that Peyton is coming to the end and are going all in to get back to the SB.

    Ware and Von Miller make a pretty sick pass rushing duo to go along with Terrance Knighton inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBoricua View Post
    Those guys got PAID !!!!! I was not aware Denver had that much $$$$ in cap space.
    It's because many of their best players like Thomas and Von Miller haven't come up for contract yet. My guess is that they expect Peyton to be retiring (and his cap coming off the books) by the time these guys are up for their deals.
    All Hail The New York Giants!!

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