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    Here is my take on the first round

    I think no matter who we pick at 12 we will end up with someone decent but lets look closer at what might be available.

    I figure at least 2 and probably 3 QBs will go before 12, add Clowney and Mack to that. Most likely Robinson and Mathews as well as Watkins. That adds up to 8 picks.

    That means 3 more players will go before we pick, I've been trying to figure out who those guys might be. Hopefully one of the three remaining teams will pick someone unexpected but who knows. Still its obvious we're gonna have options.

    Its possible the best TE, DT, S, MLB and CB will all be there for us to choose between, along with the 2nd best WR (Evans or Lee or whomever they like) and DE (Ealy)
    In addition to that its possible Barr will slip at OLB (even though I'm not sure about him) and also Lewan (who I think is ever bit as good as the two OL that went before him)

    If you take three of the above out of the equation, we still have a nice selection (I know we don't need a S, but that doesn't mean we wont take one if we have Ha Ha rated really highly)

    Anyone have thoughts on who the other three picks might be to complete the 11 before us? I have my own but want to see who you think they'll be

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    Difficult to take a guess but agree that we could have the best TE, DT, CB ( or 2nd ) MLB and S not to mention interior OL.
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    As the dust settles on FA those three teams draft needs will likely become more apparent. Got to agree though the Gmen should pick up a solid player!

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    Ebron, Evans, Ealy or best CB in the first. I still like Van Noy in the 2nd.

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    We have 12th pick, we better get someone "decent"
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    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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