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Thread: Tracy Porter heading to the Skins

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    Tracy Porter heading to the Skins

    He came, we saw, and we got outbid again. Seriously though, I am glad that he did not sign here. He got burned regularly in Oakland last year. #2 CB is a huge hole and I am hoping that they get one of those Cromarties instead.

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    I always see Tracy Porter's name being thrown around once FA hits but he's a JAG.

    He has the interception to seal the super bowl, but Jabari Greer was far and away the best corner on the Saints that year, and Porter was that guy who you had to worry about. Probably the weakest piece of the secondary that year.

    He reminds me of Deion Branch. A guy that got a lot of recognition because of the team he was on, but overall just a guy.

    It's fine that you guys didn't get him. You're honestly better looking at Mike Jenkins.

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    Good news if he's expected to start

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    Great news.
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