I have 6 Giants Jerseys -
One is a Lawrence Taylor Superbowl 25 throwback and authentic
3 Superbowl 42 authentic superbowl jerseys (white on red trim). An Eli, Osi, and Buress jersey. My other two are regular Strahan & Eli blue jerseys.
Now, if I am not screaming during the entire game, I usually start wearing a strahan jersey - because more often than not, for some reason that gives the team luck(no, I am not superstitious). If after a couple of plays and things aren't going right, I switch to an Osi shirt. If we are winning I don't switch throughout the remaining game, but if things are tight, I go to an Eli shirt (blue first). So, in other words, I usually rotate jerseys and never go back to the same one - obviously I watch at home a lot. If I am out, I just stick with the jersey I am wearing. Ironically, I don't have a favorite, somehow just before the game I choose one and start with that. I know, this is a sad ritual . . .but it works for me.