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    Yes, we are healthier than our week 13 meeting, but...

    so is Green Bay. If I am not mistaking Green Bay did play that gane without Bishop and hawk at LB and Clifton at tackle. I know we went into that game with a gimpy Tuck (who did have a decent game) and NO Manninham and Osi. I do believe we were down better quality players though. Do you guys think the addition of Bishop and Hawk may hamper our running game? I guess as a Giants fan you just cant help but to be nervous heading into this game.

    Inany case

    GO BLUE!!!

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    Re: Yes, we are healthier than our week 13 meeting, but...

    I don't think they will significantly change the way our offense operates.

    I'd say the return of their OL players is potentially more important. If they can keep up from pressuring Rogers, we will be torn up by their aerial assault.
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