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    Considering C and RG are Still A Question Mark, Why Not Richie Incognito For Cheap?

    Incognito was a Pro Bowl caliber player prior to all the stuff with Jonathan Martin came to light. It'll be a chance to get him on the cheap and get some depth for our questionable offensive line. Not sure Snee or Incognito could play Center if Walton doesn't work out, but if Snee or Schwartz get hurt, Incognito pops right in at guard. Much better than the crap we had last season.

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    Not again.

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    He's too busy beating up his own car.

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    I don't think the Giants would want the negative press.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    He's too busy beating up his own car.
    I'd take it beat up and all. Only dude rolling around a Ferrari with dents

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    i kinda thought this would be interesting but honestly he's a headcase just like Shockey was (crazy I mentioned Shockey twice today)...I can easily envision opposing playing goding him into 15-yard penalties...tough player but not interested...rather Draft Lewan to fill that role!

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    Id rather look at an OG like Gabe Jackson and a C like Travis Swanson in the mid rounds. He isnt a bad player, I just cant stand the off the field baggage, and some reason I could see him beating up someone and fighting a bunch of bouncers at a club in the city
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    I definitely feel incognito would be a good fit. He will be cheap, provide strong depth, and he's hungry. This guy has been made out to be public enemy number one so this would hopefully motivate him to reform that image for the sake of prolonging his career. Incognito was empowered and liked by his Miami teammates. In my mind they tolerated his antics by not backing Jonathon Martin. He will not have that type of support here from the giant players because of our organization and coaches values. Without having the locker rooms support I don't think he will be making trouble on or off the field and will just try to fit in.

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