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    Same feeling as '07

    Throughout the 2007 playoffs, I just had this feeling that the Giants had a chip on their shoulders and had the will to win. The week leading up to the game in Dallas and Green Bay I had this feeling of "I don't think this will be the Gmen's last game this year." I hope I'm right again.
    I bELIeve.

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    Re: Same feeling as '07

    I would be SHOCKED if we lost this game...JUST SEEMS TO BE DESTINY. Maybe shocked is not the correct word now that my heart is all in on this team....I would be CRUSHED as I know at this point in the season the GMEN are the better team.

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    Re: Same feeling as '07

    I mean the funny thing is, the Green Bay fans and even the players kind of seem to be sweeping the Giants under the rug and are already talking about New Orleans. As we all know, that's a dangerous place to be.

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