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    Guys are clueless they cut mark who cost them 8 million and got a better qb for 5 million to be a backup. Good signing and if Geno is hurt they have a good qb.

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    Only 1 year deal too prove it deal even if he starts.

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    L O L!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrin99 View Post
    Yup. Gave him $5m too, so you know they expect him to do more than hold a clipboard.
    I see Geno remaining the starter and them using Vick on some wild cat packages maybe. If he doesn't start, I think they'll still finds ways for him to be involved.

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    Vick got hurt last year but he played pretty good in the first game vs the Redskins on espn. He has something left if he is healthy to be a backup for sure and spot starter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by experto View Post
    They have one of the best gms in the business. Goes 8 - 8 with no cap room last year and crap starters...just wait till he builds his team.
    I put that down to the coach rather than the GM.

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    Protect your pet, Vick's a Jet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alumni2k11 View Post
    Protect your pet, Vick's a Jet!

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    The Jets wouldn't be the Jets if they weren't playing musical QBs in the off-season.

    And considering the Jets' history of signing a big name QB for headlines (Favre and Tebow) and watching it blow up in their faces I can see the Vick/Jets marriage imploding.
    One of these teams is not like the others

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    Quote Originally Posted by experto View Post
    Not a back page signing...good backup qb signing for Jets. Idzik knows what he is doing so I have no problem here.

    Then why didn't he sign a backup QB instead of a RB for that role?

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