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Thread: Jill Kelly Says Husband, Jim's, Cancer Is "Agressive," Spreading

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    Jill Kelly Says Husband, Jim's, Cancer Is "Agressive," Spreading

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    Sad. The picture with him in the hospital bed with his daughter next to him is heartbreaking

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    Jim cant catch a break

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    Kelly's a decent guy, but he always seems to get one tragedy after another thrown at him. Hopefully, he can beat the cancer again.
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    Prayers for Jim Kelly and his family. I hope he pulls through.

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    He was a tough, hard player with a role in Giants history.
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    Prayers to Jim and his family!

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    Praying for Jim. RT @aclayton33: Surgery can’t help Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly in his current cancer fight http://bit.ly/1o27dxS

    Awful news.
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