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    I posted this in the other thread, but with the players the giants have right now, they have no commitment to any system.

    They are equally adept at any formation they want right now. Player selection in the draft will probably decide which direction they want to go.

    But if they were building on the system they ran last year (a 4-3 under very similar to what seattle ran)

    Then this is what they will look to add.

    A 3t or a 5t, Cullen can play one or the other, they need either a DT or a DE to play the other spot.,

    For a 3t you are looking at Donald, Easly, or Sutton.

    For a 5t you are looking at Martin, Stinson, Urban, Hart. (or aaron lynch before he decided he wanted to be skinny).

    Then they need to find edge rushers, Seattle has a double Leo package, which the giants could copy and utilize on passing downs.

    In general a Leo is 250 pounds or so, but is pure explosion. Dee Ford, Marcus Smith, DeMarcus Lawrence.

    Crichton, in my opinion, is a very poor fit in a 4-3 under. But like I said before, there is no real commitment right now to running a 4-3 under, other than the giants running it last year, and running it quite well.
    The main thing i'm worried about is that Reese will try to shove the idea of a hybrid pass rusher down our throats again. I want an every-down guy at each position on the D-line. Too often our front 4 gets exposed by audibles and no-huddle, caught in one subpackage or another. Double leo is an easy way to get absolutely run over on a draw unless you have two defensive ends that can seal the edge against the run.

    Merely having pass rushers just doesn't cut it anymore. Quarterbacks are generally more mobile than they used to be, and can either take off on the ground or extend time to throw by rolling out of the pocket. With the secondary we have now, it's best to have a DL that can fully contain a QB in the pocket and force him to try and make the throw from inside the pocket, hopefully leading to more throwaways and coverage sacks. True, having a DT that can push in the pocket is a great thing to have in such a defense, but ultimately losing contain is how we get beat on most of our defensive snaps these days.

    Sure, Donald could flush out the pocket, but when he does, do you honestly expect freaking Kiwi to be able to make a play when the QB rolls out to his right? Maybe if we got a hold of a DeLorean and went back to 2009, perhaps...
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    If they run a 43 Under, the "hybrid" passrusher is a staple so it's not shoving it down the DC's throat when they need it. LEo or ELephant is a term for linebacker/end or end/linebacker. It's also not susceptible to the run, but in fact stronger since it can be equivalent to 5 down lineman. The 7T Sam position is closer to a DE which is why it gave Kiwi purpose as a linebacker. Containment passes off to the safeties which in our defense are more than capable. This allows the sam to engage the TE as if he were an OT since he doesn't have to worry about bouncing outside.

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